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  • Across all industries and geographies, organizations are striving for that competitive edge. Traditionally, gaining a leg up over competitors means developing new products and services, entering new markets or wringing costs out of processes. Outsourcing—IT, business operations and other functions—have all inevitably played a key role in the past. Now, organizations are looking for automation to drive additional efficiencies. Although earlier automation solutions helped many organizations achieve operational and financial [...]

  • Login or Register as an IRPA member to view this complementary research.At a time when organizations are looking for ways to improve efficiency, productivity and speed to market -- reliance on manual processes that are time-consuming, costly, error-prone and that bore employees into leaving their jobs -- should be a thing of the past.RPA is changing the way enterprises conduct their back-end and front-end processes -- dramatically reducing the time it [...]

  • White paper - Smart Process Automation: Taking Action

    Smart Process Automation:  Taking Action - Organizations across all industries have made process automation and transformation a strategic initiative, but many have yet to get started. With WorkFusion, IRPA has written a white paper that focuses on the pragmatic, near-term steps your organization can take to leverage Smart Process Automation (SPA) to improve service delivery and operational agility by automating the unstructured data work that robotics alone cannot address.To download and enjoy [...]

  • Whitepaper: Smart Process Automation: The Why, What, How and Who of the Next Quantum Leap in Enterprise Productivity

    Smart Process Automation (SPA) combines workforce orchestration, robotics, and cognitive automation. It’s the next leap in business process automation technology.Leading banking, insurance, and healthcare organizations are using SPA to improve service delivery and operational agility by automating the unstructured data work that robotics alone cannot address. In this whitepaper, IRPA in association with WorkFusion, shares examples of case studies where SPA can and has already delivered game-changing results. If you [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging

    Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging” is the second working paper from The London School of Economics and Political Science research series on RPA presented by Professor Leslie Willcocks, Professor Mary Lacity and Senior Research Fellow, Andrew Craig. The research team assesses the current and long-term effects of business services automation on client organizations. While using software to automate work is not a new idea, recent interest in service automation has [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation: Mature Capabilities in The Energy Sector

    As part of The London School of Economics and Political Science, Outsourcing Unit series of research papers on Business Services Automation, Professor Mary Lacity, Professor Leslie Willcocks, and Senior Research Fellow, Andrew Craig examine “Robotic Process Automation: Mature Capabilities in The Energy Sector.” This segment presents a compelling case study of a major European utility that deploys 300 “robots” to automate about 20-25% of back office work associated with meter [...]

  • Doing More with Less: Viktor Voss, Vice President Technologies, arago shares his insights on "Leveraging the Economic Benefits of Intelligent Automation"

    All of us wish we could do more with less – less cost, less effort, less time.  For IT departments, doing more with less is a daily challenge – and a costly one at that.  Enterprises are struggling to keep up financially with the demands on IT. Viktor Voss, Vice President Technologies, arago takes a look at intelligent automation and its impact on transforming IT and improving business outcomes for enterprises around the world in this must read white [...]

  • “Are Robots A Threat To The Outsourcing Industry?” Special Outsourcing Feature in The Times Highlights IRPA POV

    A special outsourcing feature of The Times examines the compelling issue as to whether robots are indeed a threat to the outsourcing industry – a topic near and dear to both IRPA’s and the Outsourcing Institute member’s hearts. Together with HfS research analyst Tom Reuner and Andrew Burgess, management consultant and director of services provider Symphony Ventures, IRPA President and Co-Founder, Raheem Hasan shares his perspective on whether the threat [...]

  • Timing is Everything: Roland Judas, Technical Evangelist of arago nets out "How IT Can Move From 'Keeping the Lights On' to a More Strategic Asset"

    They say timing is everything. Here at IRPA, we are very conscious of timing and how important it is to keep our members informed on the topics and discussions that matter most to our emerging industry. Roland Judas, Technical Evangelist of arago offers not only a most compelling read in his white paper "How IT Can Move From 'Keeping the Lights On' to a More Strategic Asset" but [...]

  • Where is the Action Today in Intelligent Automation?

    Barbra McGann, Managing Director BPO, HfS recently presented at our Summer OAISS – Outsourcing, Automation and Innovation Seminar Series event in Chicago discussing their findings on robotic process automation tools and cognitive computing platforms and how they are the driving force of our future. If you cannot see this PDF please click here [...]

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